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Selfish cow, what can I say Finland is a cold place

Name is Kamilla
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Snakes on the Rain turned 2 today! Omg it’s that long? And I know it’s been so freaking long since I last updated anything but you know life changes and stuff happens so I have just been so busy that tumbrl havent gotten to my what to do list. In short I started business school last fall so I have trying to study hard and done few internships, turned 18 so there is some partying. I met a great guy, fell in love got in engaged and broke my heart but thats all behind and now I have a quite new thing going on and school is about to begin soon. So we shall see but Hey I promise that I will make time to do some updates, I been really lazy on twitter too I know. Still love all you followers who has stuck. I will be making a crohns update soon cause that has been a real issue in my life for a while now too.

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At Light Festival with my friend. This Picture was in online news and you can’t see us if you don’t know it’s us. But I can see my friends bag and my furry collar plus I remember there was a photographer behind us when we where standing at that point so…¬†

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